Super Hero Physique Workout Phase 2!

Month 2-This is similar to month 1. We're going to now aim at 10 repetitions for our sets. Workout A-Hammer Strength (or Other Machine) Incline Press (if your shoulders are bothered use a regular Machine Bench press. I just happen to like Hammer stuff since it's common and plate loaded)-Pec Deck-Cable Seated Row using the "V" grip Handles-Preacher Curl(machine or bench)-Tricep … [Read more...]

Super Hero Physique Fitness Month 1 program

There is something that's big in training right now called RPE. It stands for "Rating of Percieved Exertion" this is a VERY key concept that we will use to make sure you are using the proper weights each and every time.  You always here about "how to listen to your body" but what the fuck does that actually mean? Let's quantify it a bit. What we do is we rate each set on a … [Read more...]

Project Super Rad- The Results! and FREE for you!


Bigger Biceps, wider shoulder, smaller waist - Fuck YES! Down 6 pounds in total weight.  This was an 8 week program. But maybe it only works for me? While I prefer the golden glow and actual fucking focus in the first picture again we' ve refined the chest, increased the arms, and slashed off fat. Now each of the programs used here we're individualized based on the … [Read more...]

Project Super Rad- The Course Corrections

A few things are in order. First of all the split is fucking fantastic. I'm coming back into proportion nicely. I've decided I'm at an age and level of progression, where the Geeks Guide to Physical Redesign Nutrition Plan is not what I want to do at this point. I've implemented the Cycle Diet by Scott Abel and if you are ready for it, it's a rad approach that is simple and … [Read more...]

Project Super Rad- The Deets

Here we go-  the actual nuts and bolts. 1. Establish goal- Lose 6 pounds of fat, maintain upper body mass, decrease lower body mass. 2. Weight training will be upper body oriented. 3. Cardio will be the Stubborn Fat Protocols by Lyle McDonald (with review to follow! Yay!) 4. Nutrition- I'll be undertaking my own Geeks Guide to Physical Redesign … [Read more...]